Prefabricated Wooden Frame Houses

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Frame House manufacturer adheres to the concept of “healthy house " (or "eco-friendly house") in which the main thing is the environment and comfort of life implemented with the help of modern technologies and natural materials.

It's a beautiful day today... another of our clients became the owner of a low energy "Frame House". Stefano, our client, made a wise choice: The PassivHaus Specification Preset + triple glazed windows. In practice, this means a 40% reduction in the electricity bill. The two-story house with a gable roof and a terrace is located on a hill with a magnificent view of the surrounding area. This project is quite specific because of the combination of the wooden elements with a concrete wall on the ground floor.

Impressive video of the assembly of a wooden frame house construction “Frame House”. The work at the construction site is carried out really quickly. This is typical for wooden frame houses because their implementation consists in fitting together elements previously assembled in the company. This approach helps to save your time:the most precious resource.

Frame House at “Made Expo 2019” trade show "Special edition from Made Expo 2019", impactful and instructive video, dedicated to the "Made Expo" trade show. Let's watch!

Our project, which we have implemented together with our partner and architect Sandro for a family from Italy, Marche region. This beautiful house with an area of 302 sq 2m fits perfectly into the environment and differs from all the nearby houses with its modern views! The house is not only beautiful, but also reliable from the tremors of earthquakes that often occur in the region.

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