Prefabricated Wooden Frame Houses

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I intended to build myself, so with this and simplicity in mind, I approached FrameHouse and a local architect. I wanted to build a passive eco house that was simple, economical, suitable for Irish planning regulations and our humid oceanic climate here in the West of Ireland. I’d always had a soft spot for Scots Pine, the wood in question, which is of course also native to Ireland. The FrameHouse management were patient and informative during the design phase. I was afforded the chance to change design, as I cooperated with the local planning authority. Above all FrameHouse offered great value for money. The quality and size of the beams, posts and rafters from the FrameHouse design team had impressed me. On arrival the inventory was spot on and I was delighted with the reserve timbers in both size and quantity. The density and weight of the beams and posts assured me that the wood was of top class quality. The instructions and the communications from Katarina at FrameHouse, had been regular, good and clear, allowing me to be well prepared and ready to go upon delivery. I was delighted with the plans, which helped assure, the initial structural build phase was quick and efficient. I can wholeheartedly recommended building with a professional FrameHouse package. The passive element of the house had proved challenging. However, it’s been a rewarding experience and now I can look forward to a warm breathable FrameHouse home. Dara Galway, Ireland.

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