Prefabricated Wooden Frame Houses
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Giorgio Vaudano

Castagneto Po (ТО), Italia
To live in nature and open a farm - is a dream became a reality thanks to a prefab wooden house made in collaboration with Frame House manufacturer. My partner and I spent a lot of time looking for a company that could help us build an eco-friendly house. In the beginning, the idea was to build straw-bale construction by ourselves, but we realized that Italian laws did not make it easy. So, we abandoned this idea and took into consideration the world of prefabricated construction. We visited fairs on this topic and requested estimates from Italian companies. Unfortunately, the answers came slowly, the quotations were not customized, and did not allow us to clearly understand the final cost. A little bit demoralized, we started looking for foreign companies...To our great surprise, it was faster and easier to communicate with them! We found Frame House on the Internet. We asked for a quotation, and after a while, we received a detailed dossier including both, sections and 3D visualizations of the house that looked exactly as we dreamed. But Latvia is far away, and it seemed impossible for us to implement our project. So, we contacted two people in Italy who have built their wooden houses with your company. Their experience was positive. We visited one of the houses and realized that everything is possible! We contacted an Italian design studio that took care of the project and helped us with more technical communications. Once we had a building permit, we poured a concrete foundation and started the production of the house. Frame House was very strict about deadlines, and soon our house was ready! We decided to assemble a house through our contacts to avoid problems with adverse weather and be more flexible. Seeing the prefabricated walls arrive, and building our dream home in a few weeks was a strong feeling! We made the interior and exterior finishing of the house with the help of 3 local workers. Today, my family and I live peacefully in our farm house, heating the house with wood using one small stove, and enjoying the relaxing effect of wood elements that alternate with modern furniture, creating a very natural and fresh style! Giorgio Vaudano