Prefabricated Wooden Frame Houses
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Terms of discount coupons use.

1.Promoter: SIA "Frame House", registration number 40103746015.

2.Goods (products) participating in the promotion: type of preset "Passive".

3.Participants: legal entities and individuals purchasing products manufactured by "Frame House" Ltd in accordance with paragraph 2 of this regulation.

4.The validity of the coupon: until the cancellation of promotion.

5. The essence of the promotion: the Promoter at its own expense, on its own or with the involvement of third parties produces discount coupons which are distributed at specialized exhibitions "Klimahouse 2019" and "Made Expo 2019".

6. The discount is given to the presenter of the coupon in the amount of 5% for the production of the prefabricated frame house in the "Passive" specification. The discount is not applied to additional options for the type of preset "Passive", delivery and assembly. The amount of the discount is deducted from the total cost of the coupon bearer's Passive package.

7. Discount coupons are not cumulative.

8. The participant has the right to use the coupon only once.

9. Contracts for the purchase of products issued within the validity period of the promotion are accepted for the participation in the promotion.

10. Participation in the promotion means familiarization and full agreement of the Participant with these conditions.

11. The Promoter can amend these rules at any time. 12. The discount coupon cannot be returned or exchanged for cash.

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